could it be…

Published August 29, 2014 by ruizgal

The dream of becoming a pastor has become something that goes down under very quickly over time until somehow God calls it to rememberance.. and this usually spells as an encounter or an altar call in church.. 

I remember that my best friend then was telling me that it is super duper hard to be a pastor but back then, my pride tells me that I am going to prove her wrong. Of course she got to her dream of being a lawyer but I am nowhere near to being a pastor of sorts..

I am in no way lamenting because I get to lead a bunch of very awesome peopleand I am MORE than proud to be known as a shepherd to them. I was just reminded by Minqi on the way home after Emerge meeting last night of how at the age of 12 I shared that I wanted to become a pastor like Pastor Eileen one day. She recounted so many so many things of my childhood and as we spoke I was also reminded of the level of faith then. I would be writing songs and sermons on my own and use them in my own qt  really wondered where all that came from. 

Now that I’ve grown more in knowledge and practial know-how, I questio  the level of fauth in my heart. It seems to have been tainted and limited by circumstances but truth is, there is no limit in Christ. I miss those days where faith is just so simple, what the rest refer to as childlike faith. 

What got me thinking is if my ministry truly belonged with the youths or with the little ones. Could it be that the calling is towards the kids? 

And what touches me most is that this is an out-of-the blue reminder of what I used to confess and believe a lot for. And to think that someone else remembers, it throws me off course. Thank you J! 


Emerge Revival

Published June 28, 2014 by ruizgal

The past three days has been phenomenal – from the apprehension to the first day to the liberation on the last day..

Received confirmation and touched by God in so so so many ways. One of which is that I never thought that I would fall into the category that Pastor would be praying for considering tt this IS Emerge! But yet he

did it anyway!!

Thank you Lord that You can use me as a catalyst for revival!

mary o mary

Published May 28, 2014 by ruizgal

i don’t know if it is the fatigue or simply the outpouring of that has built up on the inside..

i just pray that let my heart be that of Mary and of David – to worship you with clean hands and a pure heart.. 

Lord i need Your grace and mercy..


Taking back my words…

Published December 28, 2013 by ruizgal

I was honestly touched when I saw the email that was sent at 4am because of what I said.

What is there not to be thankful for a person that goes such distances for me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for going that distance just for me.


Chiangmai, here I come (again!)

Published December 5, 2013 by ruizgal

Sitting at a very high altitudes, my thoughts cannot help it but to think about God. There is probably something about being so high up in the air making me feel closer to God. 🙂

I am glad that one year later, I am closer to God and things in my life have gained greater stability. I have also found greater joy in my life in serving God with renewed meaning and purpose. it is truly better being a Mary than a Martha and martyered. 😛

God be with us and touch your people here in Chiangmai.. let us see revival in the land..